Hostgator Reviews 2016

Hostgator Reviews 2016 – the latest hostgator webhosting reviews of 2016.

HostGator is a popular web hosting service that offers packages for firms or individuals to resell. The service has different packages, as analyzed in the HostGator review below.

1. WordPress hosting
Starter account holders pay$7.96 per month, Standard users pay $11.96 for the same span of time and Business subscribers fork out $11.96. As the user goes up the chain, there are additional perks in terms of bandwidth, traffic allocation as well as advanced SSL certificates.


Hostgator Reviews 2016

2. Webhosting
These services are divided into three (with each offering an option to subscribe for three straight years); Hatchling plans offer a single domain, with the charge being $5.56 per month. The Baby plan has unlimited domains and unmetered bandwidth at the cost of $7.96 per month. The last provision is the Business account, whose outlay is $11.96 in a month.

3. Reseller plans

· Aluminum
This package offers a disk space of 50 GB and a bandwidth of 500 GB in addition to the use of an unlimited number of domains at $19.96 a month for the first month and $24.95 per month for recurring use.

· Copper
Here, first term users pay$27.96 per month for a disk space of 80 GB and a bandwidth of 700 GB with permission to host unlimited domains. The same package comes at $34.95 for recurring users.

· Silver
Silver users enjoy a disc space of 120 GB and a bandwidth of 1000GB with the permission to host unlimited domains. First timers pay $39.96 per month while recurrent users part with $49.95.

· Gold
Gold account holders have access to 120 GB of disk space and 1200 GB worth of bandwidth in addition to the attendant unlimited domains at $59.96 for first term use and $74.95 for recurring use.

· Diamond
· With diamond resellers, the disk space is 200 GB and the bandwidth available is 1400 GB. It has unlimited domain capabilities. The first term cost is $75.96 per month while the recurrent pricing is $99.95.

4. VPS hosting
This category involves classifications such as Snappy 500,1000,2000,4000 and 8000.The charges here depend on the accounts involved and their nature, with recurring users paying progressively more than first-timers. The cheapest rate is $11.97 a month and the most expensive is at $159.95.

5. Dedicated hosting
At HostGator, Linux and Windows servers have various packages such as Basic Dedicated($105 a month for first timers and $174 for recurring users), Standard Dedicated($132 first time,$219 for recurring accounts ), Elite Dedicated ($168 first time and $279 for recurrent users )and Pro Dedicated($225 for first time users and $324 for recurring packages).

Advantages of HostGator hosting plans

· Support
HostGator support is available around the clock. The service is prompt. Users find this effective because most of the time they service highly demanding clients who would not agree to have services down for more than a few hours. The support service does not attract any additional costs.

· A diversity of options
The packages all come with different pricing and bandwidth potential. This is appropriate for all users across the board since different people have different hosting needs. The variation in terms of disk space and bandwidth is well spread over the packages, with proportional advantages going to those who choose the higher packages in the hierarchy.

· Server performance
Different users in every hosting service do not have precisely the same performance because each has different needs. However, the performance of HostGator servers is reliable in general. The usability is very good as the technology the service uses is not overly ambitious or too taxing in terms of applicable resources. There is a 99.9% server uptime guarantee.

· Money-back guarantee
The service offers a 45-day guarantee of full reimbursement in case of failure to work. This kind of provision gives credibility to the company as well as confidence to the user. You know that you are not risking money in a system that will not work.

· Pricing structure
The packages all have different prices. The company calculates each successive price in such a way that whoever pays the least enjoys the least privileges. A comparison between bandwidth, disk space and pricing shows that that pay higher prices get better sizes.

Additional services
There are options for unlimited domain and sub-domain hosting. The control panel is easy to use as well as flexible. The service also provides over 400 video tutorials for your clients to use. All tutorials are brandable. Billing software is always available free.

HostGator has a raft of flexible plans suitable for customers with different needs, be it home use, corporate applications or even reselling entities. Definitely a 5/5.

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HostGator has been online since 2002 and one of the most trusted web hosts on the Internet for various reasons, which we explore in this HostGator review. HostGator allows you to create functional, attractive, and affordable websites with an easy to use interface.


1 cent Hostgator coupon codesJoomla, b2evolutions, Drupal, to name a few. The flexibility of unlimited email accounts for users to contact you on your new website with a professional website email is another great feature. Users can furthermore build an E-Commerce website with its Mojo Marketplace and e-commerce packages such as Zen Cart, SugarCRM, phpCOIN and Magneto. The advantage is again a drag-and-drop functionality in creating an attractive online store with tons of design options to suit your taste and web design.

We hope that this HostGator review has made the choice in choosing a web hosting company for your business a clear and easy one.

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